Verdugo Peak 462.700 System Rules and Regulations

  1. Licensed GMRS users only.
  2. No swearing, clicking or horseplay.
  3. Emergencies take priority over all other communications
  4. Identify with your license (call sign) after each use and every 15 minutes during use.
    • You may call other parties using ID numbers at any time during this period.
  5. Please read and understand all FCC rules and regulations and follow them.
  6. Please be courteous to other users and monitor before transmit.
  7. The control operators and/or owners will screen all licenses for users on the repeater.
    • Temporary access may be granted by a control operator.
    • Regular users must receive our information via email and have permission granted from our control operators and/or owners.
  8. Radio users may operate radios activated with proprietary Push to Talk (PTT) protocols.
    • We prefer this which allows us to track users.
  9. DTMF (Telephone Touch Tones) is not to be used without permission of a control operator.
  10. In case of emergency, disaster or call out by local law enforcement the repeater might be used by our local search and rescue group to coordinate any communications deemed necessary to save lives or property.
  11. Broadcasts, other than severe weather bulletins or news important to the repeater system are prohibited.
  12. You may conduct your familiesí personal business on Verdugo Peak repeater, as that is what the GMRS was intended for. You may also communicate with other members of the group.

System Naming

Every repeater has a name. In the case of multiple repeaters on the same frequency, it is good practice when calling someone to say which repeater you are on, in the case the other party has their radio set into scan mode, and heard the call on a different repeater with same output tones It is also good practice to wait until either the courtesy tone (on repeaters equipped with this feature) sounds or the repeater stops transmitting before you transmit, as not to interrupt an ongoing conversation while allowing space for someone with an emergency or other important traffic

Verdugo Peak
So Cal GMRS Group